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Vlogging Offers a More Unique Perspective Over Blogging Explains John Zimmel

Vlogging Has Become a Popular Alternative to Blogging, According to Social Media Entrepreneur John Zimmel

Many people have given up blogs in favor of vlogs in recent years. Vlogging is a form of blogging that involves video instead of text. John Zimmel, the owner of several marketing companies, explains how a vlog can lead to a more unique perspective.

Not everyone wants to read a blog, explains John Zimmel. It can be difficult to digest the information, especially when it’s focused on a complicated subject. Rather than depend solely on communicating with words, many business owners and bloggers have turned to using videos.

There are a number of benefits to using a vlog, John Zimmel suggests. One of the benefits is that it helps to build more trust. The target audience is able to see the person behind the blog. It gives people a chance to “meet” the person who is talking. With so many people outsourcing their blogs, they tend to be ineffective in comparison to a vlog.

With the use of a vlog, John Zimmel explains that it provides people with a more creative edge. They can hold the camera at a particular subject and narrate or turn the camera around so that people can see that person talking.

John Zimmel (25)In many instances, a vlog is capable of showing the expertise of a subject. Since a blog can only provide text, it is limited in proving knowledge. Meanwhile, as John Zimmel points out, the video component makes it possible to explore something in greater detail. It’s possible to get up close to the subject matter. It allows for a visual to explain how something can be done or to show off a particular item.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more, suggests John Zimmel. It makes it possible to reach a wider audience and build relationships. John Zimmel also explains that it doesn’t require any training or special equipment. It’s not like a podcast, which is strictly audio. Instead, vlogging combines the best of both a blog and a podcast. It can be used as a promotional tool as well as to educate one’s target audience on a particular subject.

With a smartphone, it is possible to start vlogging. John Zimmel recommends getting a few backdrops if someone isn’t going to be out in the field. Additionally, a few apps can be downloaded in order to help edit the videos before publishing them. It can offer a more professional look so that there aren’t issues with the quality of the video or awkward silence at the start of the video.

John Zimmel continues to work with businesses of all sizes throughout his marketing agencies. He can also identify how a business or influencer can grow their audience using a vlog.

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