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John Zimmel Explains How Businesses Can Enhance Their Social Media Profiles

Social Marketing Strategies Help Businesses to Connect with Their Audiences

Businesses of all sizes need to have a presence on social media. John Zimmel, an entrepreneur, has identified how understanding social media can make it easier to grow and connect with more of a target audience.

John Zimmel explains that with all of the social media platforms out there, there’s no reason for a business to limit themselves to just one. Instead, it’s about knowing the target audience within each one. Facebook connects effectively for the 40+ audience while Snapchat is for 13 to 22. Instagram is popular for those who are 25+ while LinkedIn is for professionals of any age.

John Zimmel has proven that there are books to help entrepreneurs expand their knowledge on marketing and social media, in general. However, most of what can be done within a social media profile is about testing out various things to see what works.

One of the first things John Zimmel recommends is working to add a profile photo. This should be a professional photo that identifies the human behind the company. Adding a picture of a real person ensures the target audience that they’re working with real people. It adds to the human element people want to see when connecting with companies.

Another thing that John Zimmel recommends is having a basic intro on the profile. This should identify more about what the company does, who they work with, and why they’re different. It can be viewed as a quick elevator speech in order to get the attention of the target audience.

Even after building the basics of a social media profile, there are other things that can be done. A recent post can be pinned to the top to ensure that it remains relevant. Further, links to the company website and other key information can be added to the profile.

Every social media platform has aspects that make it unique. John Zimmel recommends exploring the profiles of the competition in order to get a better idea for what is being shared and posted. It can offer some immediate strategies to ensure a company creates and maintains a competitive edge.

Companies need to understand not only what platforms they should be using but also how to use the platforms to their advantage. John Zimmel offers various strategies within his site’s blog.

More About John Zimmel

John Zimmel is based out of Greenwich, CT. As the owner of four media companies, Zimmel taught himself about social media. Now, he uses this knowledge to help businesses of all sizes expand their media presence. His digital content creation agency, West 35 Media, specifically helps businesses to achieve their online goals.

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