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How to Navigate Digital Media in a Pandemic According to John Zimmel

John Zimmel Discusses the Need for a Digital Media Strategy During COVID-19


With a pandemic, companies have had to learn how to evolve. Navigating digital media with a unique strategy is key to moving forward, explains media entrepreneur, John Zimmel. As the owner of four media companies, he explains how businesses of all sizes need to learn how to navigate digital media.

John Zimmel explains that digital media encompasses a variety of different channels. This includes not only a company’s website but also its social media platforms. When in place, it can also include email marketing.

Consumers need to know what a company is doing about the pandemic. There is a lot of uncertainty. As such, consumers will look at the communication coming out of a company. John Zimmel explains that people want to hear about when a company will reopen, what safety measures are being taken, and how the pandemic is affecting operations.

John Zimmel reminds businesses that communication needs to happen across all channels. It’s impossible to know whether a consumer will go to a website, a Facebook page, or elsewhere to find information. There needs to be a united digital presence – and the message needs to be the same everywhere to avoid confusion.

A digital media strategy needs to be formulated to show how the pandemic is being taken into consideration. Now is the time to be honest. Consumers have a right to know what the plan is. John Zimmel suggests drafting a media marketing plan that includes what the message will be, how it will be communicated, and how often the message needs to be updated. Zimmel identifies that updating the message is where many companies are currently failing. They identified a plan in March when the pandemic first hit. However, they haven’t made updates since – and that can lead to a lot of confusion from consumers.

As John Zimmel explains, having a social media presence isn’t just about gaining followers. It’s about connecting with consumers. Many consumers choose to follow a Facebook or Instagram account in order to stay in the know. It, then, becomes the responsibility of the company to provide those updates – even if it means hiring a company to provide the updates. When there is radio silence from a company, consumers will assume that the company has either gone out of business or have been wiped out by the pandemic. Either is not an acceptable assumption, especially if the company is still operating in one capacity or another.

John Zimmel continues to support businesses in a variety of ways through his various media companies, including West 35 Media that focuses on digital content creation. The pandemic has changed the way that businesses operate. John Zimmel believes that a marketing strategy needs to be created in order to navigate the new times effectively.

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