John Zimmel

How John Zimmel Developed Grass Fed Audio

Young entrepreneurs like John Zimmel provide a great contribution to their respective industries, and his company, Grass Fed Audio, shows it.

John Zimmel (29)

In basically any industry, one of the most important things to see is young entrepreneurs getting involved. Industries need to have a diverse selection of voices in order to progress; older voices to provide wisdom, and younger voices to provide a fresh perspective. Thus, people like John Zimmel provide a lot of rejuvenating energy for the industries he participates in. Considering the age that he began his career as an entrepreneur — 21 years old — it is rather impressive to see how far he is coming along. John Zimmel owns four companies in different industries, including social media and website development, event production, communications, and audio.

How John Zimmel Made Grass Fed Audio

John Zimmel’s company, Grass Fed Audio, came about as somewhat of a fluke. It was not something that Zimmel was planning on making, but it kind of all fell into place. Following a request from his friend to help him with recording some music, and the two of them worked together using Zimmel’s available audio equipment to produce it. This eventually snowballed, with Grass Fed Audio being conceived as a result. This eventually evolved into a legit studio, where they offered a multitude of services. John Zimmel and his friend produce albums at this studio, but they also manage audio for events and even help out young artists trying to get a leg up in the industry. In doing so, John Zimmel is able to provide support for other potential entrepreneurs, allowing someone to be the next John Zimmel.

John Zimmel’s Track Record

John Zimmel has worked with a number of music artists through Grass Fed Audio, covering a wide variety of music genres. In terms of mixing, they provided their services for pop musician Parson James, as well as the drummer for the band Snarky Puppy. He provided audio tech work for various artists as well, including Chris Blue, the winner of the 12th season of the television show The Voice, who specializes in R&B, soul, gospel, and pop music. He also provided tech for the Dave Pettigrew Band, which specializes in Christian rock music. This is just a small selection of the clients who have worked with Zimmel through Grass Fed Audio, and if he has anything to say about it, he will have many more clients to add to his and his company’s resume.

Consultation services are very important to developing music artists, as anyone in any creative field can confirm. When a musician is coming up in the industry or even just trying to find their place, having someone who can tell them what works and what doesn’t can be more valuable than anything at times. John Zimmel takes that understanding and uses that to craft Grass Fed Audio into an increasingly successful and significant audio company.

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